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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Moving West Covered Wagon Cake

The History book we have been using for moving West, in American History, suggested we make a covered wagon using Lincoln Logs, and such. Well we don't have any of those, so we decided to do a cake. Which btw was way more fun, and messy. As you can see our Pioneers had to trudge through snow, which made their wagon wheels start to bow in. Plus the fierce winds caused their canopy to collapse. Honestly the hardest part was getting the canopy to stay up. Straws, didn't work, tooth picks didn't work, so we gave up and said it collapsed. The cake was delicious, too. We are still deciding how we want to do moccasins. Our next project will be...... Ha you will just have to come back and check. My husband took vacation next week, so we get an unexpected week off. We have lots of fun things planned though. We also watched the movie, Fievel Goes West, but I truly could have done without it. It really did not teach much at all about moving West.

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