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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Marine Ecology Field Trip and Learn an African Language and African Live Webcams

I told you most of my daily posts would end up as weekly, lol. Anyways, Wednesday our school day was a field trip out the Marine Research Facility, in Cedar Key. They were putting on a presentation to help the kids study for the Marine Ecology Event in November. This was my first time to the facility, but DJ went last year with that team. They were allowed to look at specimens in person, go over all the slides, and ask questions. We didn't get time to do the outside portion, we were on a very tight schedule.

If you have never heard of Clickschooling, Google it, it is awesome. They send me cool links everyday. I swear they know we are studying Africa, because I got two resources two days in a row, for learning about Africa. The first one is a live webcam to view African animals. I have also used Africam in the past. The second is to learn an African language. We will be using both of those resources in our studies. As a side note, since we are still following this election year, from our History lessons last year, we will be recording and watching the debates.  For another side note, I will be starting a weekly link up, each Sunday I think, for homeschool blogs, websites, or education related websites.  So, watch for that.

Daily Log for 9/22:


Language Arts: 60 minutes
Chemistry: 60 minutes
History: 60 minutes
Geometry: 60 minutes
Digital Design: 60 minutes
Psych1- 60 minutes


Math, LA, History, Science, Reading, Spanish and Bible

Daily Log for Friday 9/23:

This was a half day, as my husband was home from work, and we started our weekly bike path walk with friends. DJ did 60 minutes of Psych1, and 60 minutes of Digital Design, in the afternoon.

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