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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Our Last Two Weeks of Summer Vacation

We started back to school for Math, and one other subject for each child, part time. For our last two weeks of our Summer Vacation, we have family visiting. MY FIL from NY, who loves the ocean, and my sister will be here next week. She will want to see my mom a lot, and hang out at springs if not flooded from Hermine.

Yesterday, we took FIL to Anastasia State Park, in St Augustine. This was our first visit to this park, but we frequent St Augustine public beach. This is on the Atlantic Ocean, and the waves were huge! We have been there in rough surf before, but wow! The boys were brave, and sore by the time we left, lol. Caitlin and I stayed in closer. There were rip current warnings, so no one went out too deep, and let me tell you if you have never felt a strong rip current pulling on you, it is something to feel.

Today, we went out to Cedar Key, which was just hit so hard by Hurricane Hermine last week. Of course there is a ton of cleaning up going on. It was surreal to see such a pretty little town with so much damage. Cedar Key is on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The last two images are from there. I didn't take any images of damaged homes or businesses, just so sad.

Tomorrow we are off to another FL state park, a spring this time. I will get pics up as soon as I can. Friday will be our quiet day, lol, Saturday clean and laundry for my sister to get here.

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