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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homeschool Week in Review for 10/26-10/30

Our second week of school has been really good.  We got a lot done, and we are adapting our schedule as needed.  Tomorrow, I hope to get on the phone with one of the local springs to set up volunteer times for the kids.  Tomorrow, I have not laid out exactly what we will be doing, but for sure a Chemistry lab, Chemistry chapter 1 test, Writing, Art,, and maybe some reading.  Fridays are our days to get in some fun lessons, that are not traditional text book lessons.  To supplement our reading on Africa, we found a nice documentary on Netflix.

Monday October 26

DJ:  LA-  30 minutes
Chemistry:  60 minutes
History:  60 minutes
Geometry:  60 minutes
Digital Media:  60 minutes
Psych1:  60 minutes


Math, History, Science, Reading, Writing, Spanish

Tuesday:  October 27  Same as October 26th

Wednesday:  Nature walk with friends.  DJ Digital Media:  60 minutes, Psych1:  60 minutes.  Caitlin Reading and Spanish.  DJ 60 minutes youth band

Thursday October 29  same as Monday.

Friday October 30, as mentioned above

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