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Friday, October 7, 2016

Here We Go Again Hurricane Matthew Effecting Our School Days

The video below shows some of the horrible devastation Haiti suffered from Hurricane Matthew. Matthew is raking up the East coast of our beautiful state. All the public schools are closed, so I decided to take today off too, since my husband will be home from work early anyways. Our weather just now is starting to get ugly where we are sort of center west of the state. Below is what our schedule looked like for the week, and of course Thursday we spent some time preparing for Matthew.

Monday October 3, 2016

Language Arts: 60 minutes
Chemistry: 60 minutes
History: 60 minutes
Geometry: 60 minutes
Digital Media: 60 minutes
Psych 1: 60 minutes

Caitlin: Math, History, Science, Bible, Spanish, LA, Reading

All other days were the same with the exceptions noted below.

Wednesday Oct 5th, Run/Walk, DJ 60 min band practice, Caitlin volunteered to cook. DJ did Digital Media and Psych 1

Friday Oct 7th no school

The Marine Ecology boat trip was canceled due to the hurricane.

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