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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Middle School Science Experiment on Friction, End of 2nd Quarter and Returning to Work

We are officially halfway through our school year, as of Friday. So, Caitlin and I will be able to do some of her many Science experiments that came with her Science book. This first one was on Friction, but could easily be a physics lesson as well. We did it with the table cloth on, and off, just to see the difference. Without the table cloth, the bag of coins only needed 27 coins to pull the box of sand to the edge of the table. With the table cloth on, it was over 60 to pull the box of sand to the edge of the table. To do this very easy experiment yourself you will need: a matchbox, pebbles or sand, string, plastic bag and coins. Fill the box with pebbles, or sand, and tie the string around it, letting the rest of the string dangle over the opposite edge of the table. Then one by one add a coin to the bag, that you attached the rest of the string to. When the box reaches the edge of the table, count how many coins was needed. I should have had her do it with an empty box too, to really see the difference of weight on friction as well.

Third quarter already, that means report cards. Caitlin doesn't officially get one until next year, but she continues to improve in all areas. Math is still a bit of a struggle, mostly because she is stubborn. Gee I wonder who she got that from, lol.

I will be returning to work in April, after over two years off. I think we are all ready for this, and we can continue to homeschool with no difficulties. We will see how it goes.

For my own record keeping purposes we volunteered at the Spring yard sale on Sat the 11th.

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