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Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Journey to Sjogren's Syndrome

  1. As I previously acknowledged I was extremely sick in December.  I have been diagnosed with CKD and Metabolic Acidosis.  My primary doctor tested me for Sjogrens in January.  That test was negative.  When we discovered my blood creatinine was elevated in two different blood tests, I was referred to a Renal doctor.  An US showed one kidney was smaller than the other.  My Renal doctor feels it is from Sjogrens and I need a salivary biopsy to confirm.
So, why did I just bore you to death with personal stuff?  Well for one this is a personal blog, and since my kids are older there isn't much to blog about for homeschool, so I will use as a personal journal, awareness, education, and yes still homeschool stuff too.  

April is Sjogrens Awareness Month.  As such I will be sharing all the info I have been gathering.  What I want to tell you for now is, if you have chronic dry eyes, or mouth these are the very first warning signs of Sjogrens.  If you don't know if you have dry eyes or mouth then you probably don't, because trust me you would notice.  Dry mouth is especially hard to not notice.  Don't let doctors and insurance companies ignore it eithér, keep after them and be an advocate for your own health care.  

I will not give medical advice, and anything I say is not to be interpreted as advice.  I will share my journey, resources and non medical ideas for stress, weight and pain management.  If you suffer with this disease p,ease feel free to leave comments.

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Melissa said...

I did this post on my tablet so excuse my poor grammar in spots.

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