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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Time for College and Scholarships

Next  year, my son will be a Senior.  I can't believe I just said that.  The years that we have been blessed to homeschool have been a treasure for me, and hopefully for him too.  I still have a 12 year old to get through middle school, and high school, so I won't be bored.

As you know scholarships are a very important part of helping to pay for school.  Now is the time to start thinking, and researching.  I will be adding links to sites about scholarships, as I find them and collect them.  The first four websites are listed below.  Some may repeat.  I haven't actually read them all, yet, just collecting for future use.  All scholarships have different requirements and cut off dates, so it is best to start looking the year ahead.

Since he wants to go to Santa Fe College first, then transfer to UF in Gainesville, I will be posting about Bright Futures, and requirements for those two colleges in the near future.

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