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Monday, June 4, 2012

Chickens, Foals and Summer Reading Program

Today was our coop day. So, I bandaged up my spider bite extra good, and off we went. Marcia has a small farm, and so does her neighbor. We always walk first. So, we walked to her neighbor's farm for an unexpected surprise. One of the horses had a foal. My kids were so excited to see the 3 day old foal. Mom and baby were very friendly, and came right up to us. The little foal even put on a bit of a show for us. They make the cutest whinnies and it was running around and jumping. So cute! Caitlin was especially excited. I will add the other pictures in the future. I am kind of short on time this minute. Then we learned about chickens. DJ got a really cool picture of one of the chickens last time we were there, but I have to search through hundreds of pictures to find it. One of my projects over the summer is to put a watermark on his pictures and put them on his blog. It is kind of time consuming. I should just do them as I upload them, but I never seem to remember. It took me a while to even figure out how to do a watermark.

This is our last official week of school. Tomorrow, we will walk, depending on how sore my leg is from today's activities. I really need to return to work this Saturday, so I am hoping it will be OK. If the bite mark is still substantially open, I will have to miss another Saturday of work. Tomorrow DJ will also be starting to put together his 4H photography book. Now that we have the pictures printed off, they need to be placed in the book, under the correct lessons. He also has Math, Science and Language Arts. We need to do the last chapter in the Entomology book as well. They are all due this Friday.

One of the things I wanted to know about chickens, that I didn't already know, is why do hens lay eggs?  Marcia wasn't sure, so I looked it up.  Why do chickens lay eggs?  Click the link to read and find out.  It is actually quite neat.  I have to be sure and share the new info with the kids.  

We signed up for the Pizza Hut reading program, but I haven't gotten the paperwork yet. I found another reading program on Pinterest. You can click right here, to learn and join if you like. Some lucky reader will win an Amazon gift card at the end of the summer.


Anne said...

What a great field trip! My kids love going to the farm.

Melissa said...

I don't think Caitlin has ever been to a farm with cows. I will have to try and fix that.

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