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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

End of Painting Class? No Way!

Even though this is our last official week of school, we decided that painting class will go on through the Summer. Today, we painted on these large glass vases, that I found for a steal on clearance. Mine has Santa, Caitlin did wolves in the snow, and Mom did flowers and vines. DJ does not care for painting on glass, so he started a new landscape picture. When finished it will have a lovely sailboat on the water. I also finished my adorable cow painting. I really love the cows. My mom, since she is the official painting teacher, is going to do a write up on how the kids have progressed through the year, for their evaluation portfolio. Woo Hoo thanks Mom!


betchai said...

gorgeous painting, Melissa, the last one is a very happy one, love cows too.

Anne said...

Your painting is gorgeous. I love the cows. I am glad you are painting over the summer. It is a great hobby along with being educational.

Melissa said...

Thanks! Anne, I am really starting to enjoy my painting more and more. Caitlin is progressing into quite a good little painter herself. DJ enjoys it, but more of as a school thing, rather than a regular type activity.

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