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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How To Make A Homeschool Portfolio In Florida: Step 2

OK, so last Wednesday, was step one. I showed you what the daily log should look like. Again, if you leave out any of these steps, you will be scrambling to figure them out at the time of your evaluation. I always write them in the log, and then transfer them to a neater piece of paper, then add it to the portfolio. You can make it real fancy, but I don't see any point. Next week is the third, and most time consuming step, putting the portfolio together. Then the following week is our evaluation. Almost here! I require each child to read six to eight books each year. DJ has to do book reports on his, and Caitlin will begin picture book reports next school year. They both read way more than what is listed, but I don't write down them all because a lot is done during free time, not school time.

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