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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Check Out My New Mailbox

I joined a group activity, where you have to create something every day. This is day 3, and if you want to see how we progressed to this step you will have to visit my blog. Some of the things I will create, will be for sale, and some will just be things we wanted to do. Caitlin has been assisting me, and DJ some too. This is our mailbox. To see the other two sides, you will have to go to my other blog. Caitlin painted the sun, and yes there are 50 stars all together.

My spider bite is healing, but I am not patient. It is inhibiting my activities. I do not want sweat or dirt in it, so I have to be very careful. Ugh it is getting to me now. Still grateful it is healing and moving in the right direction.


betchai said...

wow, the tire already has dirt and flower, love the blue paint, and everything looks great, melissa.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai.

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