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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


OK, the picture of Biscuit has nothing to do with this update, I just like to add a picture to the post, and she is so cute. Anyhow, I was bitten by a spider, or so they are assuming it was a spider. I have lived here seven years and never been bitten by anything more than a mosquito or those pesky black flies. I actually felt it bite me, it hurt really bad. I couldn't find anything that had bitten me though, and since it didn't really itch and the pain ceased pretty quickly, I paid it no mind. It took a few days, like six I think, and I started to notice it looking kind of yucky. So, I hot packed it. And I kept hot packing it. Well that just made it worse. The doctor thinks the hot pack made the venom really go into full activation, even though it had taken so long to start. Usually within 48 hours of being bitten by something with venom, ie the brown recluse spider, it is a hot mess. My body doesn't do anything normal, so I was not surprised. So I started to put some Neosporin on it and kept it covered. Well by Saturday morning, it was really bad. Large area, hot, hard and edematous. Ugh now what, the doctor office was closed. So I called off from work and got to the doctor first thing Monday morning. Now it has been 48 hours and it is improving rather quickly. I had developed some slough on the wound and the doctor wanted to promptly debride it in the office with a scapel and a big needle. Uh no thanks, lets try something less painful and intrusive first, thank you very much. So, I got an antibiotic and wet to dry dressings started. Wet to dry dressings are extremely painful but effective. By this evening I have removed all slough, and the bed of the wound is healing nicely. Now I hope I can just do moist dressings once or twice a day to avoid the dry dressing ripping off new skin. The moist dressing is much less painful, and easier for me to get around with it on. So far it is going well, but I still have to be diligent in using good sterile and clean technique, eating healthy, and staying well hydrated during the healing process. I have not been able to exercise, and that has me bummed. It was just too painful. Hopefully tomorrow, I will get to at least walk at a snail pace, but still a walk.

I have to miss two Saturdays of work, which strains my pocketbook, but I always think it could be much worse, so I don't complain. I got all of DJ's photos ordered for his 4H photography book, book 2. He has one more book for next school year. We also are finishing up the first Entomology book, with two more to go next year and the year after. He still needs to do the 4H scrapbook, but that is not due until August, and other members have pictures they want to include, so I wait. I am not a good waiter.

In June, I am creating a new project everyday for a challenge. Now this can be you make one thing everyday, or if it is a big project you work on it, and then show your progress everyday. If anyone is interested in joining in visit my jewelry blog, for the info.

I have been adding all the cool school websites I have found over the past year, to my Pinterest board, Eclectic Homeschooler.   You can see them all by clicking the link.  Pinterest has a weird format for letting you share things.  If it can not locate an image, you can't pin it.  Also some websites, why I do not know, will not let you share their website on Pinterest.  So, after I am all done pinning the ones I can, I will do a blog post for the rest of them.  Most of them will be on Pinterest. 

Now that DJ's pictures have been ordered, over a hundred of them, I will uploading his images to his blog and his Picasa album and getting them off my computer.  He took way more than a hundred, but only certain ones were for each assignment.  He got some really good ones this year.  Since I want to watermark them all, it is a very time consuming project.  Might take me all summer. 

June 9th is our last official day of school.  Evaluations are already set for July 11th.  DJ will do math, some Science, and educational games over the summer.  Nothing that should take more than a hour out of his day.  Caitlin will do Math and educational games as well.


betchai said...

glad to know the treatment has been going well, Melissa, that was scary, I think it happened to me before too,where they had difficulty finding out what bit me, thankfully, it was treated too.

Anne said...

I hope you are back to normal soon. That would terrify me. Fortunately, you are a nurse and used to medical issues.

Melissa said...

Thanks to both of you. I am very grateful that I had the abilities to at least keep it status quoa until I could get to the doctor.

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