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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love Bugs, Water Park, Lady Bug Cake and Mother's Day

Friday, we did school.  Not a full day, but still school.  DJ was quite busy.

Saturday was the day we took Caitlin to the water park, for the big part of her birthday gift.  She decided rather than a small party with friends, she wanted to go to Wild Waters in Ocala.  Now normally it is 35 dollars per person to get in.  For four of us that would be 140 dollars, plus parking.  You can imagine I didn't really want to spend that, but I would have.  Lucky for us the local radio stations sponsor the weekends in May, and tickets are reduced to 12 bucks per person, for a total of 48 dollars, plus parking.  If you decide to go in May, be sure to check the Wild Waters website for the radio station sponsoring that weekend.  You will need to mention the radio station to get the deal.  Now for me it wasn't really worth the money you spend.  You see I have a pool, so going to a bigger pool, with some fancy slides really does nothing for me.  But, we all did have a very good time, and then we went out for dinner after.  Wild Waters has alligators, that are native to the outside of the park.  We got to see a young alligator, about four feet, when we were leaving the park.  It was trying to get a turtle, that was trying to eat a piece of watermelon.  The turtle won, lol!  Lovebugs are gross!  Do you know what a Lovebug is?  I am going to have DJ do a writing assignment on Lovebugs.  They are native to FL, and actually lab created bugs by the University of Fl, or at least that is the story.  They were created because it was thought they would be natural predators to mosquitoes.  First of all the Lovebugs are only here a short time, second of all most of the time they are here all they care about is mating.  They were everywhere at the water park.  Really gross just flying all over you, much worse than a mosquito, except they don't bite, they just swarm.  It kind of took the pleasure out of the park.  And, if you hit them with your car, or they hit your car, the insides of the bug are like toxic juice to the paint on your car.  If you don't wash them off pretty quickly, like acid they corrode your paint.  I am not sure why someone thought these bugs were a good idea, but I disagree with them for sure. 

My second ladybug cake came out much better, than the one last Monday.  It was good tasting too!  This one was for Mother's Day at my mom's house today, and Caitlin's birthday.  My mom and I had a wonderful Mother's Day, and I hope all moms did.  It was a beautiful weekend, and now it is raining, which is such a relief.  It is so dry here, and we are in a pretty good drought. 

Tomorrow is our coop day.  I am not hosting, so I am not sure what we will be learning.  Next week is my week, and we will beginning water conservation, for all of my classes.


Veronica Lee said...

So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

God bless!!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Veronica.

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