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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh What A Week!

I told you all it was going to be a crazy week! I didn't get any of my regular work done, and I think we did like 5 min of official schooling, lol!

Monday was our co-op day and this week we learned about The Galapagos. It was good, but kind of slow. I get bored easily and when you do more talking in such a beautiful place, without images I am bored rather quickly. I wasn't all that impressed.

Tuesday: We did get some school done. DJ had to go through all his pictures and decide which ones to add to his 4H photography book. Since he is also the Historian in our group, he has to make a scrapbook, so we wait for the minutes from the meetings, so we can start working on that. It took almost two hours to go through, mark and date which images he chose. He took so many awesome shots, but since the assignments were so specific you have to really choose the images you took for each assignment.

Wednesday: On Monday my husband said to me, Dave and Lynn want to come for dinner sometime soon. I said, OK please just not Wednesday. On Tuesday he told me they could only come on Wednesday, and were already coming. Wow thanks! Now mind you I love Dave and Lynn, but I was having a house full of kids until almost five, when they were supposed to be coming. I only had like five min in between guests to clean up quick, let the dogs out and feed them, freshen myself up a bit and poof they were here. I was so hot and gross feeling. They are friends though, and good friends, so the only one worried about it was me. Thank goodness we ordered pizza! Dave used to be a chef, and a pretty good one, he taught Craig how to make Bananas Foster. Oh my it was delicious!

Today was our last day to volunteer at the Nature Refuge until Fall. Though Ranger Pam did tell us today that all work from here on out would be indoors, but we have already made a commitment to my mother for the Summer. Today there were horseflies as big as walnuts. I have never seen horseflies this big. No one got bit so that was good. We stopped at the same pond we stopped at many months ago, and it was very dry. Still pretty, but dry. We have had no rain in our area, for two weeks. We didn't see any gators or snakes, thank goodness. After that we went into Cedar Key for some fun in the Gulf of Mexico. If you ever come to my neck of the woods there is a hotel right on the water, shown in pic, view is lovely and quiet. Lots of Pelicans today, at Cedar Key. Ranger Pam did get to show us her nicely painted new classroom. We are excited for when she can start offering classes. She is just full of tons of information. I have to thank Ms Kristi for introducing us to Ranger Pam, and allowing us to help them volunteer. It has been a blast.

Tomorrow is sort of back to normal. We grocery shop in the morning, then I have online work, laundry, and lots of housework to catch up on. I need a vacation, lol! Next week will be mostly quiet, until the weekend that is. I will tell you about that later.


betchai said...

oh, love the joyful pictures of your kids, had been very busy too, walking around half-asleep :(

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai. I think I am finally recuperated enough to be caught up.

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