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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Painting Class

Yesterday was our first painting class in a few weeks. With my moms car out of order, and everything else that was going on, we just didn't get to do it. Yesterday my mom had herself and I paint on beach coverups. Mine was a gauze material, which I must admit is lovely to paint on. I hope she brings more. Hers was terry cloth material. She didn't get to finish hers, so she took it with her to finish at home. I finished the front of mine, but want to make the sky go slightly over the shoulder onto the back, just a little. I will do that the next class. I have tried different strokes, with different brushes, but I discovered the fan brush works best for me and clouds. Painting on fabric is difficult. You need a lot of it, and the strokes you learned get modified quite a bit. What do you think of the coverups? Caitlin painted a small picture frame, not pictured, and then she painted dolphins. Our friend Dave had surgery yesterday and he asked Caitlin if she would paint him some dolphins. Nice! DJ painted two little wooden cars, then designs on them. All in all it was a very good day. Still no rain here, and the spiders are wicked in this hot dry weather. We have killed more spiders this spring, than in the whole 7 years we have been in Florida. I think I have been bitten by one, but not sure what actually bit me. The bite mark is pretty nasty though. Matter of fact this is the second time in two months I have been bitten by something. Ugh!

Today was just a normal school day. Kids are done before lunch now, because we are almost done.


Reeni said...

The cover-ups are very pretty! I would of never thought to paint on one - so fun.

betchai said...

beautiful designs, Melissa, i especially love those on cover-ups, so very lovely.

Anne said...

That is such a great idea! I love things that are practical.

Melissa said...

I really enjoyed this product. Not only practical, but just enjoyable to create this. I hope we do it again in the future. Thanks to you all!

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