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Monday, April 30, 2012

Interesting Week of School Coming Up

This week is going to be an unconventional school week for sure. Today is our coop and we are watching a video on The Galapagos, from Vision Forum. It is called, Mysterious Islands. DJ got it for Christmas, but has not watched it yet. We always go on a walk before the class starts as well. Tomorrow DJ and I have the great pleasure of going through all the pictures he has taken, and choosing which ones to have printed to add to his photo book for 4H. We also have to choose the images for the Scrapbook he has to make, for our 4H club. He is the Historian, and this is his job. Then Wednesday we have a park day, the last one until Fall, it is just getting too hot. We are having friends over for dinner, so I will be doing some cooking class with the kids as well. That way if it comes out bad, I can say the kids did it, lol! Thursday is our last volunteer day, until Fall, at the nature refuge. Please pray for us that the bugs will be kind to us. We have had no rain again, in ten days, with only Wed a possibility of rain. I never thought I would say this but we could really use a tropical storm, or dare I say a hurricane. The springs are drying up, and water restrictions are being discussed in all local towns. We really need some rain!!!!! Water Conservation will actually be our coop days, the days we get to pick the topic, after today. I bought the book from 4H not realizing it was intended for a group. So it will fit our coop group perfectly. Can't wait to start it. I am a huge fan of Water Conservation. Oh, I wanted to mention that if you need to put a watermark on any of your images, Picasa is free and it is very simple to do. See DJ's image below.


Anne said...

I love the Galapagos. I am sure it will be a fabulous movie. I can't believe it is getting too hot to go outside. Here in the Small Town, we just start heading out around this time of year.

Melissa said...

Anne it has been extremely hot and dry out. No rain, but at least the humidity has not been bad yet either.

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