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Thursday, April 26, 2012

4H Scrapbook, and End of School Year

Even with all the fun stuff we did this year, we are finishing nicely. Matter of fact both kids will have completed several books in the next few weeks. We don't officially go on Summer break until June 10th. Not all books will be completed. I carry them over to the next year for each child. But, they get other lessons besides just the textbooks. DJ will have Science and Math textbook not completed by June, but he will do a chapter of Math each day over the summer. His Science book will be carried over to next year. Since he did photography and Entomology, plus the National Zoo curric. these all count as Science for him. They have both worked very hard and have earned some much needed time off. Caitlin is reading independently now, and already knows her sight words for next year. She has to learn to spell them though, lol! Over the summer she will also focus on Math, mainly memorizing simple addition and subtraction facts, time and money. She currently uses a number line and fingers for adding and subtracting. I might even introduce a little multiplication, not sure. We have also decided to continue our weekly education co-op over the summer months. We will be done volunteering, until the Fall, and playdates will be limited also. I need a break. 4H will also be over, for meetings and such, have the annual dinner and our group dinner over the summer. Speaking of 4H DJ is the Historian, which means he is responsible to do the yearly Scrapbook. I do not intend to spend a fortune on this, so if anyone has some ideas I am open to them. I think I have come up with one, but my ears are open. We have never done a scrapbook before, and no it can't be digital, I already asked. I have to get all the pictures and print them off, first. Plus DJ and I have to go through all his pictures to get them set up in the lesson book, to be turned into 4H by June. Plus the bug book, and Caitlin's rabbit book. Oh man! I am checking into starting an Earthkids group for our area. This is still very new and needs some investigating.


Anonymous said...

you can visit here and make a request, she offers free kits, and you can print out the images. I use her all the time.., just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...
sorry here is the link..been a long day. lol

Melissa said...

Thank you. I will check it out.

Shannon said...

Hi Melissa, I was directed to your blog by an email. I design scrapbooking kits on my website. all are free to download. You can print off the images and use them in your scrapbook project. if you would like me to create a special kit for you to use..I can if you let me know what your needing. I create kits all the time by requests. It looks like someone already left you a link to my site. If your interested at all..feel free to email me. if not its ok.. just feeling in a friends request to message you. thanks, Shannon

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