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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drawing A Desert, Painting, and Making Wire Cuff Bracelets

Well yesterday we were supposed to go to the Springs for our playgroup day. Since that didn't work out, some of the playgroup friends came here to swim. I didn't think it was warm enough to swim, but those crazy kids got in anyways. We paint every other Wednesday with my Mom. On the opposite Wednesday we have a playgroup day. Since this one didn't happen until later in the day, it gave us time to do some Art. Since we studied Deserts on Monday, DJ drew a desert scene, as shown. Caitlin painted a little bit, but got bore quickly. So she decided she want to learn to make a wire cuff bracelet like me. This was my very first attempt at making these, and mine is the one with the watch face attached to it. I have decided that each Wednesday will be dedicated to Art no matter what else we have planned. Today I will be messing with the wire again to see if I can tweak what I didn't care for. What do you think? All honest opinions welcome.


Anne said...

I think that watch is absolutely gorgeous. I love it!

Melissa said...

Thank you, Anne. I still am not completely happy with it, but I will get it how I want.

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