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Friday, April 6, 2012

Native Americans and Moving West Homeschool Curriculum Ideas

Well it is Friday, that means movie day here at our house. Today we watched, The Zookeeper. It was OK, not awful, not great. The kids liked it. It did have some mild innuendo in it, which my kids don't understand yet anyways. Rated PG and a decent family movie. We had downgraded our Netflix to streaming live only. But after their contracts ran out with Disney and Starz it really just stunk. So we started using Redbox, which is fine, except I really hate having to put my debit card in there. So I broke down and switched back to one DVD at a time, and streaming. I guess I can afford 16 dollars a month. We were probably spending that at the Redbox anyways each month. I have been with Netflix like 10 years.

The two books below are for Native Americans and Moving West. They are by Evan Moor, and you make pockets and read to learn about the subject. Caitlin did one this year on the Plymouth Colonies and has really enjoyed it, so she will be getting the Native Americans one next year. This is the time of year when I start searching and deciding what I need, or want, for next school year. I do try to use as much free online, or close to free, resources that I can.

Good Friday is today, so that means Easter is Sunday. Have a blessed and safe one. Don't eat too much candy!

Lessons For 04/05/12:

Math: Saxon 65 chapter 85 and multiplication
Science: Endangered species
Reading: Literature unit for Treasure Island
Writing: Horseshoe Crab on blog
Social Studies: The Middle Ages chapter 30

Math: Skip counting, addition, fractions, shapes, place value
Spelling: Consonants
Head of the Class: 3 cycles
Language Arts: Action words


betchai said...

happy Easter to you and your family, Melissa. we actually have not seen movies in years now, not that we lost interest, just that we are always lost in outdoors.

Melissa said...

Happy Easter to you too Betchai

Anne said...

I have looked at Netflix but the streaming movies it offers are very lame. I just want the streaming but there is nothing I want to watch. We use Amazon Prime for $80 a year.

Melissa said...

The streaming movies are lame now. It used to be decent, but now lame. That is why we put DVD's back on. I looked at Amazon but decided to stay with Netflix because we have been with them so long now.

Jackie said...

Have you tried SpellingVocabularyCity? It is free and the site is awesome. They offer, spelling, vocabulary,and handwriting.


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