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Monday, April 9, 2012

Cats Having Babies: Biology 101

Today is our co-op day, and it was Marcia's turn to host. Marcia's two cats just had kittens. This is not the cat. This cat was taken at Christmas time, but she is cute. So Marcia did a class on Cats having kittens. They taped the birth, and even though the video wouldn't work, the pictures could still be seen. I have seen many things being born including dogs, calves, humans, etc. But, my kids have never experienced the miracle of birth. Marcia included a word search and crossword puzzle to round out the lesson. And of course we got to see the kittens too! Caitlin loves cats. Unfortunately for her, I am highly allergic, so no kitties at our house. We also walked, had lunch, and the kids got to play on the trampoline. Lots of exercise today! Plus Marcia has chickens, which I am allergic to feathers too, but they have the softest nicest feathers, and they make the cutest noises. I mean it cute like they are talking to you, not obnoxious like you would think. Tomorrow back to our regular school day. DJ is on his final for Spanish! Yay so glad that will be over.


Anne said...

I think you are probably lucky the video didn't work. I'm pretty sure that's not something I want to see. Did Caitlin get to play with the kittens.

Melissa said...

Why? It is a natural thing. I have seen so many things be born, they all look the same. Actually animals don't seem to be as messy and gross as humans.

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