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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Is Reverse Painting?

Torture that is what it is. Reverse painting is a type of painting you do on glass, usually a plate or something that would look opposite on the front. You have to paint the accents first, rather than last. For some reason my mom thought I was ready for this. I was not, lol! Your brain just doesn't think that way. The kids were spared the reverse painting torture. Caitlin drew a tiger on her plate. DJ finished his backyard painting. Both are shown below. My mom and I both did the reverse painting. I am sure you can tell which one is not mine, lol! I also did the little bottle, which for some reason does not want to load. I will be practicing a few nights a week, again, like I used to, because I feel way out of touch. DJ much prefers the painting on paper, rather than objects. Caitlin likes painting on objects. DJ finished up his Spanish final exam today, after painting class was over. Caitlin and I spray painted the tractor tire, and then put 120 pounds of dirt in it. Whew that was hard work. Now my husband says he doesn't think he wants it there. Why do men think it is just their yard and I have no say? Since I am the one doing all the work, jeesh!


Anne said...

I'm guessing the first one is your mom's. It is absolutely beautiful. The second one looks like a great first attempt.

betchai said...

oh,if you are not ready for this, i am sure i would be not as well and would fare worse than you do :(

Melissa said...

LOL Anne, yes the first one is my moms. I told her I don't like that cabbage rose and I am not painting it again. You see she didn't paint any of those awful cabbage roses, lol! Betchai, I felt like I had been thrown to the wolves. What a weird way to feel for just a painting assignment, ugh!

Mitsimr said...

The backyard painting is beautiful. You have a very talented child.

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