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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Park Day, Lessons and Uverse

Today was park day, and the weather was splendid until about 1, when it got brutally hot. Since DJ was going to his friend's house for a few hours after the park, I invited the ladies to our house to swim. That would be a mom, and two girls. The youngest girl is Caitlin's best friend. So we had a good time swimming. I did not walk today, feeling a little guilty, but will make it up tomorrow. DJ did get his reading assignment done, and Caitlin her Head of the Class. Only lessons accomplished today. We switched to Uverse internet about two months ago. It is cheaper, only problem is it sucks. It is supposed to be two times faster than what we already had, digital internet, but it is not I can promise you that. So when we called to complain, and switch back, they said sorry you can't go back once you get the digital internet. Grr you could have told us that. Anyways now the virus scanner, the same one we had for years with the other service, now does not seem to be doing as good of a job. My laptop has had three issues in two weeks. I think they downgraded us to the cheapest virus scanner option, which really peeves me. So now we get to call and inquire again. Do you have Uverse? Are you satisfied with the service? Lesson plans for yesterday are listed below.

Lesson Plans for 04/03/12

Science: Entomology, digestive system of a grasshopper, and waves
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 84, multiplication
Reading: Treasure Island literature unit
Art: Art for Peace
Social Studies: Chapter 29 Middle Ages, map skills
Language Arts: Irregular verbs

Head of the Class: 3 cycles
Math: Word problems, graphs, skip counting, subtraction
Language Arts: Verbs, consonants
Social Studies: The Plymouth colonies
Science: Entomology, and seeds
Printing Practice

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