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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A WTH Kind Of Week!

The week isn't even over, and by Sunday of this week, I was already saying WTH.  On Saturday hubby told me that FIL was coming to visit from NY, in September.  Yay!  We haven't seen him in 6 years.  Saturday night I go to work, fill out the paperwork for the date given to me, so I can be normal while he is here.  Sunday morning I go home and wake up from my nap, and poof FIL is coming one month earlier than what I was told.  Really!  Now not only do I feel unprepared, but I am not sure if my job will let me change the date from the one I requested.  I called first thing Monday morning, and the staffing person changed it for me, but it will still depend on whether or not the DON signs off on it whether I get paid time off or not.  So now I might have to take an unpaid day which is absolutely what I don't want to do right now.  After the spider bite, and rehab from that, I lost a whole paycheck and that is hard to make up trust me. 

Then the real kicker comes from someone I trust.  Have you ever had someone you trust do something so stupid and unsafe, that you just don't know what to do?  Lets just say it had something to do with a loaded gun, in a room, where my children were also.  This has turned into a big argument, with some hateful words said to me that are totally not true.  All because I requested that either the bullets be removed, and locked, while they are there, or the whole gun be locked up if it is loaded.  I don't think this is too much to ask.  But, the other person does not see it this way, and now we are deadlocked.  My children will not go to this person's home, until they decide to give up their pride and side with caution for the safety of children.  I have been very stressed about this ever since it happened.  It just makes me so very sad. 

As if all that is not enough, I have called animal control twice on the neighbor with the dogs that chase people and go to the bathroom all over everyone's yards.  Now before you tell me I am uptight, this has been going on for years, with me politely asking him to please keep his dogs on his own property.  They are a nuisance and quite frankly I have dogs, they don't trespass on anyone's property because I put the expense into a fence.  Respect, some people just don't know what it means.  Anyway I think animal control has taken two of his dogs, because I have seen him only with the one that he actually always walks.  Why walk one but not the other two anyways? I wish no ill to the dogs, and animal control said if the dogs are found out and taken, then he can pay a fine and get them back.  They don't destroy the dog.  That made me feel better.  So we will see what happens next with all of this.

So, how has your week been?  Do you think I am wrong about the gun issue, what about the dogs?


Anne said...

I am so sorry about your week! I can't believe the gun issue. Guns should always be kept locked up but especially when there are children in the house. I don't know much about guns but it makes sense to me that guns and bullets should be stored separately.

Stacie said...

Sorry you had a bad week. I too have not had the greatest week. Teenage drama going on around here. I do not like guns and will not allow real ones in my house of any kind. Id on't think it's to much to ask to separate the ammo from the gun. I wouldn't send my kids there.

betchai said...

sorry about the not good week, i am with you about the gun issue, i do not think it is safe at all with loaded guns with children, it's scary.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys! Glad I am not the only one who thinks sensible gun care is required.

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