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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Art Class, 4H Scrapbook and Homeschool Evaluations

I think we are officially changing the name of painting class to Arts and Crafts class.  Why?  Because my mom is teaching Caitlin to sew, DJ and I really want to take up drawing and painting both, and DJ honestly really enjoys drawing more than painting. 

Tomorrow are our homeschool evaluations, and I will let everyone know how that goes.  I am always a little bit nervous.  I signed DJ up for a Science class for 7th grade, on the FLVS.  By 9th grade I would like him to be all or most of his lessons on the FLVS, so he can earn the proper credits for graduation.  We will see how it all plays out the next two years.  This year just one class, next year at least two maybe three, then go from there. 

It was a busy and beautifully creative day!

Yesterday I drew some roses with colored pencils.  I enjoyed this immensely and was only my second try at drawing them.  The first set I drew I tried to paint last night, but I did not like it at all.
We finished our 4H Scrapbook.  Just need to get fasteners to hold it together.
These are painted roses using the Donna Dewberry method, and some other things I painted.  This is just a practice paper.
If you are into upcycling, take a spaghetti sauce jar, like this one from Bertolli, paint it a pretty color, paint the word flour on it and then put flour in it.  Cool, cute and inexpensive canisters.  You can make a whole set in any design that will suit your kitchen.  They look two different colors because of the lighting on the camera, but it is the same color, same jar. 

Keep the lid and paint that as well.
Again an upcycling idea.  This light bulb had blown in my ceiling fan.  Rather than throw it away, I set it aside to paint on it.  I made this cute snowman, which will end up as a Christmas tree ornament.
My mom made more garden watering bottles today, using my favorite blue bottles.  I have been using the two that we made earlier in the year in my garden, and they are still as bright and all the paint is present, from when I first put them out there.  These will eventually be listed into my Etsy store.  It is a process because they have to sit for two weeks, then I heat set them, and then seal them just for good measure.
Caitlin is learning to sew.  Two weeks ago we painted clothespins with hair and faces.  Caitlin and my mom will now be making clothes for the clothespins and they too will be listed in my Etsy store.  I bet they will be a doll, LOL!

DJ opted not to paint today, and that was fine, because he spent all that time messing with his new Tracfone trying to get it to work.  What a pain!


Anne said...

I love your idea for canisters. I am definitely going to try that (although I may have my daughter do the actual painting. What kind of paint do you use?

Melissa said...

These are acrylic paints. After you paint them you have to let them sit for two weeks, then seal them with a sealer and do not submerse in water just wipe clean with a damp cloth. I would love to see how yours come out. I still have more to do for the set.

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