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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Now My Summer Vacation Can Really Begin!

Our homeschool evaluations are done!  Both kids did awesome, and are above grade level this year.  This is not something I am particularly concerned with, but family, friends and other curious people always ask.  So, I always ask.  If they are at grade level I am always happy and satisfied.  Above grade level is just an extra pat on the back for all of us. 

DJ went to his first birthday party sleep over, Friday night.  All went well and I am relieved.  I trust the family, but it is always hard when your child has only slept in their own house, or with their parents in another room if somewhere away from home.  Now I can consider camp sometime for him.  Not sure if it will be soon, because we know want to save money to go back to NY and visit for at least a week, maybe two, Fall of next year probably.  This is an expensive trip for us, and will take great budgeting and saving, and coordination for our dogs and rabbit.

But, now I can officially begin my Summer Vacation.  That means I get to sit by the pool everyday, do cleaning and organizing, that gets ignored during the school year.  And of course put the final touches on lessons, and plans for the new school year, after Labor Day.  Yay sunshine and warmth here I come!


betchai said...

i love your summer picture :) congratulations on the awesome performance of DJ and Caitlin, your dedication to be their teacher paid off so well, and hope you enjoy your summer vacation.

Stacie said...

Enjoy your Summer Vacation :)

Melissa said...

Thank you, Betchai and Stacie. Hopefully I can catch up on all my blogging too!

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