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Friday, July 20, 2012

Homeschool Calendar 2012/2013

I did our homeschool calendar, for the upcoming year, this evening.  I did not give as many days off or half days, because we are already doing basically half days on the Wednesdays that we have play dates.  So, no need for other added half days, in my opinion.  I am sure DJ and Caitlin would not agree.  Oh well, they don't get to have a say in all the decisions, LOL!  I post this for record keeping purposes, and if a new homeschooler needed an idea how to set up their year, this could help them.

09/04/2012:  First day of school year.
09/21/2012:  Early release day.
10/08/2012:  No school Columbus Day.
10/26/2012:  End of first grading period.
11/12/2012:  No School Veteran's Day
11/21-11/23/2012:  No school Thanksgiving holiday
12/21/2012:  End of second grading period
12/21-01/04/2013:  No School Christmas break
01/07/2013:  First day back to school from holiday break
02/11/2013:  No school President's Day
03/15/2013:  End of third grading period
03/18-03/22/2013:  No school Spring Break
04/01-04/05/2013:  No school Easter Break
05/24-05/27/2013:  No school Memorial Day
06/07/2013:  Last day of the school year


Anne said...

This looks great. I noticed you had fewer days off than my kids do from public school.

betchai said...

ah, glad for you that you have your plans already.

Melissa said...

We are still working on volunteer hours, we don't want to do what we did last year, and the playdates are probably going to be only once a month, rather than twice a month.

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