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Saturday, August 18, 2012

4H Awards Banquet

This is the end of our second year of 4H. Each year the county 4H director throws an awards banquet for the kids and their families. You can get awards for many different things. Portfolios, activity books, years in 4H and officers. DJ is an officer, but not county officer, just for our group. So he will get his officer pin at our group dinner probably in September. Both kids did awesome this year, with DJ getting a silver award for his portfolio and a trophy for getting a perfect score on his Entomology book. This next year DJ will be doing Photography book 3, and either Entomology 2 or Bee Keeping. Caitlin is doing a rabbit book and then in the Spring will start her butterfly book. Caitlin is no longer a Cloverbud, so now she is excited to be able to get placement ribbons, rather than just a green one. DJ's scrapbook came in 3rd place, and Caitlin got a 100 on her small animals book and got a special ribbon for that. As a group this next year, the kids will be studying First Aid. I have been asked to assist in this, and I have volunteered DJ as well, as he has did a First Aid class. Should be an awesome year.


Anne said...

Congrats to both kids for their 4H achievements. I think it is such a great program.

Melissa said...

Thank you, Anne. Each year I expect them to do a little bit more with 4H. Especially DJ. He will be in High School soon, before I even realize it.

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