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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Awesome Mini Vacation

We just got done with the best mini vacation, ever! Grandpa Ed, who happens to be my father in law, came in from NY on Wednesday until today. I never really got to know him real well. Even though Craig and I have been together 10 years, I was pregnant and ornery, then we moved to FL right after Caitlin came along, so I never got to get close to him. This week I learned what a laid back, loving father and grandfather he really is. We had so much fun and enjoyed his company so much, it was sad to see him go. We went to the ocean, the springs, and just swam and enjoyed each other right at our house. He was here six years ago, to be Craig's best man, when we got married, and that was the last time we got to see him. They were only here that one day, and they flew back out. They have a small farm, so it is hard to travel, and of course we have dogs and kids which makes travel expensive as well. However, I told Craig we are not getting younger, his family is not getting younger, we need to just save and at least every other year head to NY for some family time. We are planning on going next Fall, so I am happy about that. Now I have to get all the laundry done and the house cleaned, and pay some bills, LOL! I hope everyone had an amazing week. I will load more pictures on the next blog post.


betchai said...

glad everything went well and you had a wonderful mini vacation Melissa, I did enjoy your images in FB

Melissa said...

It was so nice!

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