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Monday, August 6, 2012

Free Flashcards at Sudy Stack

Anyone who knows this blog, knows that I spend Summer doing Spring cleaning of my house, my homeschool supplies, and everything else. This blog is due for some Spring cleaning matter of fact. Anyways, one of the new websites I found this Summer, is Study Stack. Now, I have only tried it briefly, but my kids like to learn in a variety of ways. Usually, on Friday they get to play games and other avenues of learning. Since the computer is super important to them, they would prefer those games be online. Study Stack is not really a game, but an online flashcard generator for all subjects, even foreign language. I love flashcards, because they repeat things over and over, and that is the best way to retain information. So, my kids will definitely be giving this website a try. There is another one, I like too, but for some reason the site is down, so I can not share it yet.


betchai said...

oh Melissa, same here, my blog is long over due too for spring cleaning :) i found out a lot of my posts are without photos anymore because i used before my FB account to post photos, and I deleted that FB account :) so, now, it looks very ugly some of my posts have big blank spaces in them which are supposedly the photos :(

Melissa said...

Oh no! I load my pictures to Picasa so they free up room on my hard drive. I didn't realize if I delete pictures from Picasa that have been uploaded to this blog as well, the pictures on the blog go away. I found out like you, when I noticed big empty spaces where pictures used to be. Now I just leave them there.

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