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Monday, December 10, 2012

Charity Garage Sale, Alligators, and Write A Letter To Jesus

We got so much done today! The weekend was a complete bust due to a massive migraine that I was blessed with. But, I got a lot of extra sleep. Not much else you can do, when you can't even keep your eyes open due to light sensitivity.

This Thursday is our 4H Holiday Bake Off and Christmas party. I will share the recipes later in the week, after we get pictures. This morning we went for our morning walk, and stopped by the 4H Extension Office. The kids had entered some items into the N Florida Fair, and we wanted to pick them up. Much to our surprise both kids had one first and second place, and even won some money. How excited they were! Then we took some holiday pictures, well we did have Santa hats on.

I can not believe, in my migraine stupor, that I forgot to tell you about our charity garage sale last Thursday. It was very successful and we raised about 115 dollars for the not for profit org. called 4 Pets Sake. This was done through our Earth Kids group, and the kids all worked very hard. Who knew a garage sale was so much work!

We got in a full day of school today, and at the garage sale a mom had donated a nature journal type education book. I jumped on it, and am proud to say we are already using it. DJ will be doing a writing assignment tomorrow from the view point of an alligator. This was an idea in the book, but you can try it too. Plus, a friend of ours shared a topic where instead of writing a letter to Santa, you write a letter to Jesus. Caitlin already wrote her letter to Santa, but DJ who no longer believes in Santa, will be writing a letter to Jesus. I am interested to see what he writes. He has an interesting sense of humor when he writes.

Well that is it for today. Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday!


Small Town Mommy said...

Congrats to both kids for winning awards. I can't wait to see the recipes.

Melissa said...

We did the first part of Caitlin's today, and it is already cute. Tomorrow they will be shared.

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