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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guns and Control

I don't even know what to say anymore.  I have had my own issues with guns, safety and my personal reasons for not wanting my children around them.  Yesterday, in CT, a young man entered an elementary school and proceeded to kill 20 children, and 6 adults.  That was after he had already killed his mother at home.  Now, I believe the fundamental right to own a gun is a right that should be honored.  I also believe that outlawing this right would serve no purpose to keep guns out of the hands of those that wish to do harm to others.  However, I also believe something needs to change.  Every week now there is a new shooting at a mall, movie theater, school or other public event.  This can not continue.  It is my understanding these guns belonged to the mother that was killed.  She owned quite an arsenal of guns.  Last time I checked you can only shoot one gun at a time, maybe two if you are super skilled.  Why was this allowed?  Why should the general public need to own an arsenal of guns?  Why is this not a red flag to someone?  Second guns that shoot multiple rounds of shots at a time really should not be owned by the general public either.  What is the reason for it?   Just because the Constitution says you should have the right to own a gun does not mean it is relevant to all types of guns and weapons.  It is simply absurd, in my opinion.  I can not imagine how these poor children will ever feel safe going to school again.  The trauma and fear they must have.  This school had high tech safety equipment, and the young man was not granted entrance to the school.  So, he shot out windows to get in.  The school tried to keep the children safe, and with his use of his weapons, he gained entrance anyways.  It is all very sad for everyone involved.  Yes, here in America you have the fundamental right to own a gun.  That doesn't mean everyone should own guns or have as many, or any type that they see fit.  Go back to muskets where it takes a little while to load and shoot, then they can't kill a whole room of people within 5 minutes before someone can get to them.  It is still a gun, it is well within the rights of owning it, but mass murder won't be so easy.

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