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Friday, July 12, 2013

2013/2014 Mathematics Curriculum

OK, so normally every year I document on this blog my curriculum specifics, for both kids, for the year. Last year I didn't do it. Guess I just didn't want to take the time. So, now that I need it to do our portfolios it is literally no where to be found. So, I had to find and print it again, and fill it all in for what we did and did not do. What a pain. So, this year I am doing it again here on the blog. I am doing it a bit different though. I am breaking it down by subject for each child. There will be supplemental websites at the bottom of each post. These are websites we already use, or I have tested and will be using. Since I adapt a curriculum from a typical course of study, it really does not cost me anything, except time. I use a baseline curriculum found at and adapt it to suit my needs. This curriculum is only what we will cover, not how it will be covered.  DJ will be doing FLVS for Math, but not until January, and will be doing other Math exercises until then.  Caitlin will be finishing Saxon 3, using EP and a variety of other Math websites and games.

Caitlin- 4th Grade Mathematics:

Reading and writing numbers
Numeration systems
Decimals and fraction equivalents
Addition and subtraction facts to 7 places
Multiplication and division to 144
1 and 2 number multiplication problems
2 and 3 digit dividend and 1 digit divisor problems
Meaning of mixed numbers
Finding simple averages
Geometric concepts
Customary and metric measurements
Time to second
Problem solving methods
Charts and graphs

these are maybes
Prime numbers less than 100
Prime factoring

DJ- 8th Grade Mathematics:

Maintain skills and fundamental operations
Fractions and products
Sets and simple sentences
Numeration systems
Ratio proportions and percent
Inequalities and equalities
Simple formulas and equations
Graphing an equation
Powers and roots of rational numbers
Metric and non metric geometry
Probability and statistics
Statistical terms
Mathematical of insurance banking and taxes

these are maybes
Pythagorean Theorem
Scale drawing
Right triangle trigonometry

Extra Math Resources: this website is a personal favorite of mine for Math this is another personal favorite

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