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Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013/2014 Science Curriculum

By far our favorite subject is Science.  Between 4H, Earth Kids and all the other Science we do with school, we got tons of it.  So, I have saved the best for last.  DJ and our Earth Kids group will be doing Marine Biology, using a 4H project book.  If anyone is interested in it, it is in pdf form, and I can send it to you.  I think for 4H they will be studying water conservation, and we still work on Wetlands with Earth Kids.  Caitlin will be doing all that as well, plus her own Science unit studies, there are 20 total.  Below is the full curriculum for each, with the extra resources at the bottom.

8th Grade Science Curriculum:

Scientific method
Ecology and environment
Composition of the earth
Ocean and atmosphere
Water and its uses
Weathering and erosion
Recycling of resources
Magnetism and electricity
Heat and light
Forces in liquids and gases
Wave, mechanical, electrical and nuclear energy
The earth's movement
Newtons laws of motion
The atom
Periodic table of elements
Compounds and mixtures
Chemical changes
They universe and milky way
Space and space travel

4th Grade Science Curriculum

Environment of the local region
The insect world
The reptilian world
Plants and animals of the past
Structure of plants
Seeds Ecosystems
Balance of nature
Weather's influences
Weather instruments
Cause of seasons
Oceans and the hydrosphere
Light and Color

Extra Resources for Science:

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