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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Earth Kids for 2013/2014

Today was the official end of our first year of Earth Kids. We made our butterfly feeders, made butterfly cookies and then voted and decided on next year. The kids decided they want to study oceans and ocean animals. I already have a project book on Marine Biology from 4H, so that works out awesome. Plus, I found this website, with tons of great ocean themed items.  She has put a lot of time into her ocean themed unit study.  It incorporates Math and Geography, not just the Science of oceans.  Love it.  We switched up our meeting times.  The 5 PM time slot just was not working well, and definitely will be very hard on me in the very near future.  So we decided we would meet at 11 AM on one Tuesday, and then a Friday, so twice a month.  The kids want to do some hiking, nature walks, visit a pond, visit a zoo and aquarium, visit the springs some more, crafts, painting and photography.  So, I think they decided on some pretty fun activities.  We are taking August off, and will start back up in September.  I can't wait!

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