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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Top Education Apps Set 1

I have educational apps on both the smart phone, yes I finally got one, and my tablet which I got at an awesome price last year on Pre Black Friday sales. Anyway I love them for school, riding in the car, or just waiting somewhere like the doctor's office. I use both apps and internet games, especially over the summer to reinforce things they have learned. This is my first set of favorites, and trust me I have tried a lot. I am not sure why I can't find Duolingo in the app store, but trust me it is worth getting, and I believe it was free. Of this set, only two are .99 and the rest are free, but they are worth the 0.99. The fraction calculator and Droid Math we use all the time. We don't use the calculator to cheat, just as a tool, if we are stuck and then figure out from there what we did wrong. Most schools let kids use calculators now a days anyway. We love Brain Pop but did not like Brain Pop Jr. We use it every during regular school. It is quick and gives them a test you can record in your book.

1 comment:

betchai said...

calculator is a good tool to do more powerful and analytical math, I love educational apps too, it's fun to be challenged in those apps. :)

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