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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Quarter Report Cards are Done!

Yesterday, I worked on report cards for the first quarter.  A lot of DJ's grades are done online, and I just have to record them.  Caitlin's, however, still need to be graded manually and recorded.  After I get everything in line I can figure out averages.  I did not scan them, because their full names are on the report and well you know you can't be too careful with their privacy.  So, you will just have to read it below.  Thank goodness I can type, and you don't  have to try and make out my handwriting.  They both did awesome, by the way, and the first ten weeks were a success.  DJ was contacted to join a Bio Mass 4H group, which will be during school hours, so if he tries it and likes it, we will have to do some adjustments to be sure he gets enough hours for credits.  Even though I don't have to do that until high school, we are adjusting and practicing this year in preparation for next year.  At this time we have opted not to do a Health class this year.  They did First Aid last year, and we are active, so this year we have opted not to focus on it much. 

Caitlin 4th Grade 1st Quarter Report Card

Science:  99
History:  93
Language Arts:  78
Math:  83
Spelling/Vocab:  84

Even though Caitlin only has a C in Language Arts, this is a massive improvement for her.  Creative Writing and the rules that come with it, are not natural to her like her brother, and she has struggled with it.  Likewise her Spelling has been amazingly good, but she needs to work on her Vocabulary.  Her overall grade is an 87 and I certainly can not complain about that.

DJ 8th Grade 1st Quarter Report Card

Science:  85
History:  89
Language Arts:  83
Math:  87
Spelling/Vocab:  93

DJ has awesome Creative Writing skills, as well as Reading, however the rules of Grammar continue to bore him and make it a challenge for him to pay attention to it.  Science is his favorite subject, but he is studying Atmosphere and Weather, apparently not as exciting to him as it is to me.  I am super pleased with his Math grade, and it has been a much more pleasant Math year so far.  He is still doing the challenging Algebra type work, but in a much more relaxing way.  His overall grade, believe it or not, is also an 87. 

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