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Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving and Dinosaurs

We have next week off for Thanksgiving break.  So, we need to get a lot done this week to stay up to date.  Our Run Club has moved to Mon and Wed at 1, but today we were rained out.  We have 4H this evening.  Caitlin will be doing more Dinosaur reading and activities, this week, along with more history on Greece.  She has decided to make a theater mask, and a Greek style dinner for her hands on projects.  We will not be using Feta cheese though, no one seems to like it much.  She will be making a simple Greek Salad, and Lemon Chicken served over rice and sauteed veggies.  There will be a lot of art work, with her dinosaur research.  I will add links and info as we go.  DJ is continuing to learn about the Middle Ages, and the Atmosphere.  I have not decided yet what hands on activity he will do next.  However, we have decided he is too busy to write his book on his free time, so I will be incorporating it into his school days.  He is beginning to read, A Separate Peace, and if you click here you will find a study guide to go with the book.  We will be using it.  If you want to read A Separate Peace online, click the second link. 

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