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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Minecraft Mayflower, Ancient Greece Theater Mask, and Greek Dinner

I told you this week was going to be full of all kinds of fun things. Today, Caitlin made a Greek Theater Mask, of her own design and liking. You can see the results below. She also had to make a Greek meal. She chose lemon chicken, Greek salad, rice with vegetables. She put the chicken in the crockpot with minced garlic, some butter and olive oil. Then she squeezed two lemons into the crockpot, chopped the onions and green peppers and put them on top. Cooked on low for three hours. Served over cooked rice with the veggies from the crockpot over the rice. Then a Greek Salad, minus the Feta Cheese, no one seems to like it much. We just used regular Cheddar Cheese. At the end of the day, I saw a very cute idea for Minecraft players. I told each kid they had to make a Mayflower ship on Minecraft, and DJ has to make the Plymouth Rock settlement as well. Caitlin got right to work on hers, and after about two hours, her boat was finished. You can see the results below. DJ has not started his yet, and since it is a fun activity, I didn't set a deadline date. It can be worked on during slower days, though. For the rest of the week, for History, the kids will be doing a lot of Thanksgiving themes. I got some really cool things to share.

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