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Monday, November 4, 2013

NIV Living Bible and End of First Quarter Homeschool

Do you like to win things? I love to win things, though it does not happen very often. I won this beautiful NIV Kid's Living Bible, on Zonderkidz on Facebook. As a side note, I did not win because I agreed to do a blog post. After I learned I won, I offered to share the Bible here on my blog. You can visit their Facebook page, and win something too. They are giving away books very often. This will actually be a gift for my 9 yr old for Christmas. It is too young for my 13 yr old, so I am still hunting for a beautiful boy's Bible. For many years, I didn't teach from a Biblical perspective, and I still don't as far as basic subjects. But we joined a local church this past year, that has a wonderful children's program, and they have now shown more interest, so we have added Bible lessons to our school work. We have been using for Math and Science online textbook. Today, he used Quizlet for the first time, to review and test himself. This is a website that is great to study with and use for test practice.

We are in our tenth week of school, end of the first quarter, and we are testing all week. Caitlin is basically just doing Math and Writing challenges, but DJ is testing all week on material he has learned in the first nine weeks. Below are the websites I am using to test him. I also made a writing and special History final exam. I will share those later.,%20Air%20Pressure%20and%20Atmosphere

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