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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3rd Annual 4H Bakeoff

Our county 4H holds an annual bake off. This is the third year, they have done it, and the third year we have participated. It is not just for baked goods though. You can make a drink, appetizer, specialty desserts, and gift baskets. I really wanted the kids to do a gift basket, but neither had an interest. DJ knew right away what he wanted to do, homemade apple butter and homemade sweet corn bread. After reading the rules it said it must look Christmas like. How do you make corn bread look Christmas like. So we placed it in the Christmas tin. The apple butter and corn bread are delicious together. Caitlin waited until the last minute to decide. She knew she wanted to do a cake, but couldn't make up her mind for the theme. She finally decided on a Winter Wonderland cake, which to me looks more like Candy Land at Christmas. But, she worked real hard, made it from scratch, except the frosting, and it came out real nice. Now, we get to go see who won and eat all the goodies. YUM!!!!!

Did you know apple butter, has no butter in it?  It is more like a jelly than a butter, but it is so yummy.  DJ did not enjoy peeling and coring all them apples, lol!

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