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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bush Gardens Tampa Trip #4

In March we bought season passes to Bush Gardens, as part of our Christmas gift last year. We bought them in March because my fil was coming to visit, and we wanted to be able to take him. So we have probably one more visit left, before it expires, and I am thinking we will go in January, because they have some awesome deals. Must be Jan-March are their quietest months, because they have discounts available. The next time, we will catch some shows and take the Safari ride to feed the animals. We went to the water park, twice over the Summer, as well. The season passes are a nice family gift, and we have done it for Seaworld as well. Only one we have not, of the big parks, is Disney. Still not sure if we will do Disney. We will take a year off from a season pass, and then decide the following year. The big cats were super active this trip, and the kids got some awesome shots, for their next fair entries next Fall. These pictures were taken with my cell phone, and have been edited, they are mine, not my children's shots. I don't edit their shots, they enter them as is. The weather was beautiful, and we had an awesome day. Though 7 hours of walking will make anyone tired. We slept real well, last night.

I don't usually do political rants on this blog, but there will be one coming up soon, on two different topics. Stay tuned.

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