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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars and Woodpeckers

We have three Milkweed plants, now. One gets huge, but it does not appear to be the kind Monarchs like. It does get caterpillars, just not Monarchs. At the end of May, we took a field trip to the Greathouse Butterfly Farm, and each kid got a Milkweed plant. Of course we planted them right away. We have seen tons of eggs on the plants, but never found a caterpillar. Until today. There were two big fat Monarch caterpillars on the one plant. There also appears to be a cocoon right on the post near to the plant. So, we have been watching that too. It might not morph completely until Spring because of fluctuating temps this time of year.

In the back yard Caitlin got a picture of yet another kind of Woodpecker. We have one building a nest in the dead tree in the front yard. I am glad I convinced my husband not to take it down. They are two different breeds, and I sure hope they won't eat my caterpillars.

We try very hard to make our yard nature friendly. Even though technically we are in town, we are still rural, and we get all kinds of interesting critters. We don't always get pictures of them, but we try.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we did, and we will be on Christmas break until Jan 10th. A nice long, much needed break. DJ is reading, A Separate Peace, over the break, as am I. I think I read it in high school, it is very familiar to me. Next, he will be reading Romeo and Juliet. I would love to find a play for him to go and see it.

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