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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Polar Express Pajama Christmas Party

Our Homeschool group was trying to decide on when to have a Christmas party, so I decided to have a Polar Express pajama Christmas party. It will be this evening, and Santa might just be visiting with the fire dept. Hope to get some cute pictures. The cups below are painted snowmen cups, that Caitlin and I did, for the party, with snowflakes hot glued on the back. DJ is making is homemade hot chocolate and I will be making popcorn. It should be a fun evening. Click the link to get the hot chocolate recipe that DJ loves, and is a big hit whenever he makes it.

My husband got today off, due to working too many hours, so we are officially on Christmas break as of today.  We are taking a nice long break, with some fun stuff planned.  DJ will have to read, A Separate Peace, as it is a library borrow and needs to be returned.  But other than that, no school.  It gives me lots of time to catch up on grading and planning.  Tomorrow we are off to Bush Gardens.

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