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Monday, February 24, 2014

Homeschool Art the Pink Robin and A Special Easter Card

Today, Caitlin and I decided to paint the Pink Robin for the next bird in our bird painting series. She picked it, and DJ will be doing a colored pencil version later this week.  In case you are wondering the Pink Robin lives only in southern Australia, what a bummer.   I painted mine onto a gift bag, and hers is on acid free acrylic art paper. Mine is not exactly how I wanted, but I am my own worst critic. I painted an Easter gift bag as well, but you will have to visit my other blog to see that one. Caitlin then spent a very long time designing and painting a very special Easter card for her Nonie. She actually wants to give it to her this Saturday when she goes over to sew with her, so I guess it is a very early Easter card, lol.

As part of my desire to teach my children to do random acts of kindness, they have started their letter writing monthly to their grandparents, and weekly phone call to my mom, just to let them talk and hear from them. It is a very simple way to reach out to the ones you might not get to see all the time in your busy day. Let them know you are still thinking about them. Plus, for Caitlin it helps her work on her Grammar skills.  And without my prompting, Caitlin donated her gift card she won for learning the books of the Bible, to one of her friends that just had surgery.  This made me so proud. 

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