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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Russian Architecture: Onion Domes in Art Class

Well we did not get to go hiking at Poe Springs, because it rained, boo! But we did get to make our Onion Dome paintings. We are getting ready for the Winter Olympics and were studying Russian architecture. So, I decided we would paint onion domes on buildings. You can see the results below. We had quite a bit of paint left, so Caitlin and I did some other paintings as well. To see the others in better detail you will have to visit my other blog. I think Caitlin is going to offer up her abstracts for sale. Any money she makes will be put away for her personal use. She actually enjoyed abstract painting quite a bit. DJ's onion domes was firey and hot colors, mine a little softer with some cool geometrics, and Caitlin being the animal lover she is made her domes all look like animal paws.

We have picked our athletes to follow, each of us picked a boy and a girl.  Caitlin chose freestyle skiing for her sport, DJ snowboarding and me of course figure skating.  We have researched our athletes a little, following them on FB, read about Sochi and Russia, found them on the map, learned about the history of the Olympics, and traced the path of the torch.  Now we need to pay attention so we can watch the events we will be following.  I have a feeling some of them will be watched online, lol.

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