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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

World Book Online for Homeschool, School or After School

Remember when you were a kid and the encyclopedia salesman would come around every Summer, wanting your parents to spend hundreds of dollars to get a set of nice encyclopedias?  I do.  But, now World Book Online, offers them online to libraries, homeschools, and public schools.  I have saved it to see if I want to use it for my daughter next school year.  They have a special right now for  30 dollars for the year subscription, and I might just go ahead and do it.  Regular price is 50 dollars which is still very reasonable.  There is a library, not real close to us, that is going to be offering it, but rather than go all the way over there, and then wait for a computer, it makes more sense to just get it for our family to use right here at home.  It has games too!  Check it out, you might like it too, at World Book Online. 

Tomorrow we will finally get to go to Poe Springs, so expect pictures from that trip.  Caitlin has decided she does not want to sing in the church choir anymore, so I am kind of bummed about that, but I won't make her. 

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