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Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh Heavenly Warmth and 4H County Events

If you follow this blog, then you are aware that I have been whining for a month now about how cold it has been. Well it is finally over, at least for now, and I can stop being a turtle, lol. I am so slow when it is cold, just like turtles and alligators. I need the sun to warm me up and get me going. Even though it has been warmer, today is the first day that the sun has really shone. I got to get out and baby my poor garden some yesterday. The cold did a lot of damage, even though I covered the most tender of my plants. Caitlin is getting her own garden project this year, for Science class. But, I will share more of that later, after we get it going today. I will be putting in tomato seeds, but they will be only out if it is sunny and warm, otherwise will hibernate in the semi warmer garage. I was given a Christmas Cactus, and it is already getting larger, so I think I will put that into my newest project, the tire garden, which is no where near being ready on a large scale. I still need two or three more tires. Then they have to be painted and filled with dirt. As you may be aware I throw out ends of potatoes and onions. The onions help keep bugs away, but also will just grow wherever. We have been able to pick and eat several onions just by throwing them around the other plants. We had one small potato, but we actually planted some eyes, and we will see how that works out. Our Milkweed are dead, but I went out and cut them all back, so hopefully they will return bigger and better.

This past Sat was our annual 4H event, called County Events. This is the first step to other events. Next is Districts the first weekend of May. Both kids qualified this year for Districts. If DJ wins first, or second place, in his Demo he can go on to states. He was not old enough in previous years. Caitlin can do Fashion Review, but not sure if she will, and can enter her already award winning photograph.

This week is a more normal school week, with hiking at the Springs on Wed.


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Melissa said...

I will look at that.

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