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Friday, January 31, 2014

Geodes, Knives and the Medieval Fair

Today, was school day at the Hoggetown Medieval Fair in Gainesville, FL. We had never been before so we decided to go since DJ has been learning about the Middle Ages. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. It was too cold to sit still on steel bleachers to watch the Joust, and most of it was just food and goods vendors. We did learn some stuff, and the kids really did have an awesome time. I was the only one to complain, lol. DJ got a knife, well sort of. He is almost 14, but legally can not carry or own such a knife as this. So, for now it is mine, and it will be released to him when he is of age. It is secured in a safe place. He is so proud of the knife he doesn't even own yet, lol. Caitlin and I both got a rock geode, which the man opened up for us, at the fair. You can see the results below. Caitlin also got a wolf necklace, she loves wolves, and DJ some small rocks. We love rocks here at our house. Next week should go back to a full and normal school week. We do have a hiking trip on Wed, but all lessons should be able to be completed. I will share pictures from that. We are going to Poe Springs and we have never been there before. Can't wait!

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