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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Chrysalis Has Hatched and Busch Gardens Again

Well my pictures did not post in order, but you get the idea. Caitlin's Monarch Chrysalis was two weeks old on Sunday. But nothing had happened yet. Yesterday, we were gone all day, and tired when we got home so we didn't think to check. This morning, we went back to regular school days, and I asked her to check it. She said it hadn't hatched yet, but that it was black and she thought it was close. A few hours later, poof there it was all hatched. We released it later this afternoon. What a wonderful thing to get to experience! Plant milkweed and you can get some Monarch caterpillars too. I don't have any pictures of the boys feeding the birds, at Busch Gardens, they were taken on the cell and uploaded to Facebook, but what a wonderful experience that was. We wanted to do the Safari, Caitlin and me, but it was so expensive I almost choked on my soda. I am sorry Busch Gardens but if you somehow get to read this, season pass owners, should not have to pay for the extra stuff. It should be a benefit as a pass holder to see Christmas Town, and the Safari tour, without having to pay extra. I am really annoyed about this. It was very busy yesterday, even though this is their slow time of year. You can assume it is because it was a holiday. The boys, DJ took his friend, and Craig just wanted to ride the rides, and they did. Caitlin and I had a blast all by ourselves. Every time we have gone we have experienced something new and different. I really recommend the season passes if you go, so you can get to see it all. Feeding the birds was $5.25 for a little cup of nectar, 3 something with the pass, and it was so much fun. It really was worth it, and we got some awesome pictures to share and have forever.

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